The story of my life Publication- A book should come out of it

Excuse me for a moment – can we make you feel good? We make you feel good for generations to come.

Do you have a fascinating life story? Don’t keep it for yourself

In the publication "the story of my life" [on behalf of "the Korot Institute] we specialize in the production of true-life stories. We have performed more than 300 interviews and issued more than 100 personal biography books. We interview, edit and tell your personal story the way you always wanted to tell- in such a way that will fascinate many generations of grandchildren.

For us you are the heroes – we are here so that you could get the respect due to you, for whatever you have done, have built and achieved with your ten fingers. These are the materials – and many more – from which we construct a true life-story and we shall write your biography in a spellbinding manner.

You have accumulated experience, overcame difficulties, withstood challenges and reached so many achievements so that today you have the knowledge of life (savoir vivre) and a set of beliefs and values.

Thanks for granting us the privilege to escort you

You have done so much for the sake of others and now the time has come to stand on the stage, to publish your true-life-story, your personal biography in a spectacular and exciting format; a book that will be a source for inspiration, pride and education for you and for the generations to come.

Listening to the life-story of an experienced person is always exciting. We will forever be grateful for the privilege to escort that person's life story for each one of these has turned into our hero!

In all sincerity- we feel a mission of duty to respect every life-story and publish it so that you will be proud with the results.

We come to you with much responsibility, with professionalism and much soul, spirit and psyche. After all, we are dealing with a true life-story, not less, of people who are the familial and national history book.

So- let's start today!

Alongside the excitement there is also the concern that unless we start on time, it cold be too late. That is why, if you have made the decision to produce a life-story for yourself or for your dear ones, we do implore you to start now. It makes no difference who you will choose to produce it at the end- as long as you prevent the situations when children are remembering to ask when there is no one to answer them.

A life-story cannot be postponed

Once you make the decision, we will handle all that is necessary and you will have no need to search for another professional.
We will escort you, hand in hand all the way- from the interviews and until the actual printing- until you hold in your hand your personal biography book and sign it with a personal dedication for your relatives at the exciting and thrilling launching event.

When the project ends and family and relatives will receive your life-story signed by you, the satisfaction sensation by viewing the life-story in writing and in an elegant form- will fill you up.

Leave us the details and already at the initial conversation you will realize that you have arrived to the right place.

We are here for you and at your service

Leave us the details and we will get back to you as soon as possible or call us at: 1-800-202-156

Yechezkel Frenkel

 CEO of "the story of my life"